Why Shop Gomer’s?

Being the owner of a gas station he started in 1969, Ed “Gomer” Moody found himself in the middle of a gas shortage in 1973.  Being the opportunist, he decided to go get a liquor license and expand the business.  And once the gas started pumping again Gomer’s had became a very popular convenience store.  Gomer’s Fine Wines and Spirits was born.Years later, oh…right about 1994, Gomer decided that if one Gomer’s was good…more must be better!  And Gomer’s Midtown was established.  Gomer’s Midtown does their best to bring you the best in ultra premium hard to find wine and spirits and the latest and greatest craft beers.So what sets us apart from all the other wine and spirits retailers in the area?  Here are a few of our “claims to fame”.Service, service, service.  We do our best to make all our customers feel welcome.  From saying hello when you walk in to walking through the store with you to chat about chardonnay, vodka or the crazy Kansas City weather.  And if you are looking for that great wine you had on vacation or that beer you had at a friend’s house; we will track it down and let you know if it is available. Whether you are getting a few bottles or a bunch of cases, we will always be happy to carry your purchase to the car for you.  They don’t do that at the big box stores!

Special Orders.  As much as we would love to carry everything that our distributors do…there is just not enough room.  But if there is something that we don’t have in the store just let us know and we can do a special order for you.  It usually only takes a couple days to get it…and there are no minimums!  You can order one bottle or 10 cases, we will bring it in, give you a call, and you can pick it up at your leisure!  They don’t do that at the grocery store!

Party Planning and Delivery.  Just shoot us an e-mail with the number of people and the length of the event and we will e-mail you back a quote with what you will need and how much you will need to make your party a success.  And once all the details are finished…we will also deliver it. Delivery charge starts at $45.  One of the few that delivers in the city.

Gift Baskets and Gift Certificates.  Not sure which scotch that colleague of yours was saying he loved?  Got a beer or wine lover that you want to get a gift for but don’t know what they like?  Come get them a Gomer’s Gift Certificate.  Doesn’t matter which store you bought it from, or which store they shop. (Not available in Kansas)
And if you know what you want to get them…why not put it with some other items (cheese, chocolate, glasses, cigars, etc.) in a custom made gift basket?