Feb 22nd Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers
London Balling 4-Packs!
If you want it big, rich, thick and sweet, then Barleywine is for you! Against The Grain has just released 4-pack pint cans of their barrel-aged Barleywine, London Balling, and we’re in the love with the sweet, caramel and vanilla richness of the unique, thick brew!
Scottish Stout and Irish Whiskey!
Innis & Gunn have quickly become beer darlings for their top notch Scottish brews aged in a variety of barrels. The latest and greatest features a Stout aged in Irish Whiskey barrels, marrying rich Stout notes with golden honey notes from the Whiskey barrels.
Stone and Some Heavyweights!

What’s better than two great breweries working together? Three! Like everything Stone, more is better and they’ve drafted draft royalty Marble of New Mexico and Odell of Colorado to make the Wheatiest, Doubliest, IPAiest of Double IPAs. If this more isn’t enough, nothing is!

Feb 21st Wine Newsletter

An Everyday Red From One of Piedmont’s Best!

While I hate to publicly play favorites with one wine region over another, I’ll admit that out of all the intricate little wine cultures of Italy, my favorite is Piedmont. The sheer variety of quality wines is impressive, ranging from the grandioise Nebbiolo Reds from Barolo and Barbaresco to the food-friendly and more affordable Barbera and Dolcettos. There are some exciting still whites, and the ubiquitous Moscato.
I got involved in a discussion of which winery produced the best Quality/Price Ratio in Piedmont, and the largely-shared conclusion among a large collection of wine lovers was the G.D. Vajra, made a pretty compelling case for top honors. In virtually every significant wine category, Vajra produces a wine that is relatively affordable and always high quality.
Best of all, they have recently jumped into producing an everyday little table wine that I am totally in love with. The 2013 Langhe Rosso is produced primarily from their younger vine-Nebbiolo and Barbera holdings, though they are other red grapes in the mix. It is a bright little number, with floral and red berry aromatics, enough structure and acid for food-friendliness and berry notes that make me think of a baby Barolo. Whether it’s steak night, Osso Bucco or just veggie pasta, this wine will work well as a partner!
G.D. Vajra 2013 Langhe Rosso – $13.99/bt

Feb 8th Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers
De Dood Returns!
Germany meets Belgium as Central Waters partners up with Local Option to collaborate on a Weissenbock Beer brewed with Belgian yeast strains. Add in the layering and flavors from six months in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels, and you have a real treat in a rather grim package!
Dark Belgian Beauty!
This is a long-time Gomer’s Midtown favorite – Zwet.Be from Brouwerij Drie Fonteinen of Lochristi, Belgium. Yeasts from the barrels of sour ales work their magic on a dark Porter to put a wild twist on a classic style.
New Hop, New Series!

Just in! The first release in a new seasonal from Great Divide – Hop Disciples is a bright, vibrant IPA that will feature a different hop with each release – the first flavor is Idaho 7. If you love the ins and outs of all things hop, you’ll love this!

Feb 1st Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers
Bruery Bombers Are Blowing Up!
We have not one, not two, even more than three…heck, we’ve got a dozen new beers from The Bruery, a California brewery specializing in the creative, the craft, the Belgian and the oak-aged. There’s something for just about everyone on our shelves right now!
Little Betty Is A Big Stout!
Just in! We have 4-pack cans (yes, cans) of Nebraska Brewing Little Betty Imperial Stout. If you like beers big, bold and rich, and like it to fit in a handy koozie, this is your moment to celebrate!
Stone and Some Heavyweights!

What’s better than two great breweries working together? Three! Like everything Stone, more is better and they’ve drafted draft royalty Marble of New Mexico and Odell of Colorado to make the Wheatiest, Doubliest, IPAiest of Double IPAs. If this more isn’t enough, nothing is!

Jan 25th Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers
Black Betty is Back and More Black!
“It’s like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black.” – Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap.
This Whiskey Barrel-aged Imperial Stout from Nebraska Brewing Company is one of the darkest, richest and yes, blackest beers we’ve poured in a while.
Crazy Beer from Southern Tier!
This is a wild, spicy, Imperial Ginger Beer from Southern Tier! Spiced with lime and agave, and showing that beautiful ginger heat, this is fun on its own, but makes a Moscow Mule into magic, and just might be perfect splashed into Tequila or Whiskey. Something this experimental demands experiments.
More Hops, More Imperial!

This week’s unintentional theme appears to be Imperial Beer, as we’re rolling out Oskar Blues Deviant Dale’s Imperial IPA. It’s everything you love about the regular IPA, only more! Bold, bright and super-hoppy!

Jan 18th Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers
New Stone Cans!
Just in! A new six-pack from Stone – the Ripper Pale Ale is inspired by the greatest surf waves and beautiful hops of the West Coast and Australia! With a blast of Cascade Hops from the Pacific Northwest and Australian Galaxy hops, this tiptoes right on the IPA line without going over!

Big Bold Baltic Porter!
St. Louis’ Schlafly breaks out their latest and greatest 750ml – a Baltic Porter thats dense, thick and rich, but with enough sass to keep it all very, very sippable! This is the kind of beer you’d want sailing the Baltic Sea on a chilly winter night!
New From Blackberry Farm!

Blackberry Farms is one of the coolest places in the Midwest. It’s a beautiful relaxing resort, and now its an amazing source of some delicious beer! The latest release in their barrels series is a hoppy Brett Ale aged in red wine barrels for a layered, rich and flavorful brew!

Jan 17th Wine Newsletter

Happy New Year! – Some Plans for 2017!

While it’s not like everyone has stopped buying wine en masse (I’ve honestly been surprised by some of the fancy stuff we’ve sold since the 1st of the year!), we’re taking a few days to catch our collective breath before we start looking at new wines for 2017. However, we think 2017 will be the best wine year yet at Gomer’s Mid, and here are a few things you can look forward to seeing.
1) A New Wine Club! – One of the benefits of being such a prominent retailer is that we can often find amazing wines at attractive prices, and bring them directly to you! By the middle of the year, we will have a monthly wine club up-and-running that will keep you supplied with the best the whole world of wine has to offer, with some exciting additional “perks.” Keep an eye here for more details!
2) Discovery Club Has A Few Openings! – Discovery Club was our initial foray into learning how a wine club might work at Gomer’s, and it has been a way to introduce a lot of rare, funky and exciting wine into the Kansas City marketplace. The kind of wines we were bringing in required keeping it to a small scale, but a few long-time members have moved away and left a few spaces open. If you like the cutting-edge, or the off-the-beaten path, this club is worth a look. Most members have been members for years, so spaces have not opened up very often. Please inquire for more details!
3) More Events! – Besides our regular beer tastings, and our irregular wine tastings, we plan to have some new, fun events in 2017. Look for a more regular schedule of spirits tastings, plus a wider assortment of wine, with weeknight theme tastings and weekend “fun” tastings!
4) Wine 101 Classes and More! – Our classes will be getting underway within a month or so. Those of you who have expressed interest already will be hearing from us very soon. For those of you wondering what these will be about, it’s an opportunity to sit down and learn the basics of wine – a little history, a little technical information, a walk through how to get the most out of tasting, a little about wine and food and a some direct experience tasting the similarities and differences between some major grapes when planted in different regions. We like to make wine approachable and comprehensible, and if you want to take some of the mystery out of the wine section, this class will do it.
Most importantly, this class will be taught by me, in-house, and not by hired guns you’ll never see again. Have follow-up questions? You’ll find me on the floor ready to listen and help.

Jan 11th Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers
Cash Mony In The House!
Just in! Find this 22oz Imperial IPA on our shelves now. Brewed with, as 4 Hands puts it, with a “wasteful amount of the very best hops we could secure,” this is a chalky, tropical, explosively aromatic testimony to what you can do with hops. There’s a sneaky caramel sweetness hidden underneath that gives it balance!
Tallgrass Stout – Now More Regal!
If you love Stout, chances are you love Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat! This Kansas Brewery has produced one of the best renditions of this classic beer for many years, but now their joining the ranks of royalty with the addition of King Buffalo Imperial Stout. This has all the lavish richness of Buffalo Sweat with additional depth, size and scale. Four-packs are here, come pay homage to the new King!
Looking Good for 108 Years Old!
Shiner’s latest Birthday Beer is here, celebrating over 100 years of brewing goodness! Each year Spoetzl/Shiner like to add something new to the mix, and this year’s release is a Cold-Brew Coffee Ale brewed with help from their friends at Chameleon Cold-Brew. Hops from the coffee blend with the lovely ale flavors to give you something that will add pep to your step!

Jan 4th Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers
Pedal to the Metal HOPS!
If you just can’t get enough hoppy goodness from your IPA, might we suggest some Laguinitas Hop Stoopid? Big, bold and dry-hopped, if this beer were a professional wrestler, its finishing move would be a piledriver from the top turnbuckle – it packs at wallop and yet it also has remarkable balance.
New Sierra Nevada!
Sierra Nevada may be old school, but that doesn’t mean their resting on their considerable laurels. The first of several new products for 2017 is here on the shelf. They’ve taken their classic hoppy pale ale and amped up the citrus flavors with the addition of bright oranges. We love it!
New Botanicals & Barrels from Avery!
This lovely new release is a big and booming quad from Avery’s Botanical’s and Barrels series. It’s aged in Bourbon Barrels for that extra richness on top of the malty flavors, and the addition of tangerine peel gives it a citrus lift that’s quite delicious.

Dec 28th Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers
New Brews From Belgium!
Just in, two ravishing Belgian beers from Hanssens! We have 375mls of Oude Gueze and Oude Kriek.
Hanssens has a long history in Belgian beer, but as a blender rather than a brewer. They purchase beer from multiple sources and mix it up lovely!
Crane’s Sour Festibeer!
These guys can’t be stopped! Crane’s latest and greatest foray into the mystical world of sour beers has produced a classic Berliner-style sour. With tangy notes of cranberry and ginger, this hits all the good wintry notes!
Old Believer – Perfect for Cold Steppes!
Torn Labels latest seasonal is here, and it is perfect for Winter time. Old Believer is named for a mysterious Russian sect that hid out in Siberia when the Russian Orthodox Church cracked down on them. In tribute to their winter hideaway, Torn Label has produced a big, thick, creamy Imperial Russian Stout that will stick to your ribs and keep you warm!