Monthly Wine Discovery Club

One of the things I love most about the world of wine is how diverse it can be.  We love bringing in new and unique things from around the world to introduce them to my customers in Kansas City. In 2013, We want to take this to the next level by introducing our Discovery Club.

The Discovery Club will be focused on taking you outside of the everyday wine boxes. You will be far less likely to see California Cabernet Sauvignon than you will things like Austrian Blaufrankisch and Gamay from Fleurie. The Club will be focused on wines that respect their origins, have a sense of place, and are made by farmers instead of industrial-sized wineries. There will be innovative wines. There will be funky wines. We expect many of the wines will be from the Old World, but not exclusively. Hey, if we find a special Cabernet, we may even throw that in as well!

The cost of the club will be capped at $50 a month. You will not always be charged that – if we find two fascinating wines at $20 each, that’s what you will be charged (plus applicable sales tax). As a club member, you will also receive case pricing on any other wine you buy (excepting wines already on sale). We will Include notes about the Estate and what to expect, as well as suggested pairings (and possibly even a recipe or two!)

The Club will lean a little more heavily towards red wines, but please don’t neglect the whites! From May through August, we will offer one white and one red. In December, we will offer one red and a sparkling wine. The remaining months will feature two reds.

We will email you when the wines are available for pick up. We will strive to have the wines for you during the middle of the month, though as I have learned after over a decade in the trade, “stuff” occasionally happens.

Your card will be charged on the day the wines become available. You may leave the club at any time, though we do ask that you notify us when you would like your membership cancelled. Your card information will be kept safe stored on a secured online vault. Please do not send us credit card information over e-mail.

You can print this, fill it out and bring it by.  Or you can give us a call and we can take this all down over the phone.  Whatever works for you, works for us!

Name (as on card): ___________________________________   Email:____________________________

Billing address: ____________________________________________

City, State and Zip Code: ______________________________________________

Phone number: ___________________________________

Credit Card # _____________________________________ Expiration ___________ CVV_______

Gomer’s Employee Initials : ____________