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Feb 22nd Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers   London Balling 4-Packs! If you want it big, rich, thick and sweet, then Barleywine is for you! Against The Grain has just released 4-pack pint cans of their barrel-aged Barleywine, London Balling, and we’re in the love with the sweet, caramel and vanilla richness of the unique, thick brew!… Read more »

Feb 24th Beer Tasting

Tallgrass Tasting! Join us Friday afternoon for another in our long-running tasting series! We’ll be checking in on the current releases from Tallgrass! Tallgrass Tasting 2/24/17 4-7PM                                               

Feb 21st Wine Newsletter

An Everyday Red From One of Piedmont’s Best! . While I hate to publicly play favorites with one wine region over another, I’ll admit that out of all the intricate little wine cultures of Italy, my favorite is Piedmont. The sheer variety of quality wines is impressive, ranging from the grandioise Nebbiolo Reds from Barolo… Read more »

Feb 8th Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers   De Dood Returns! Germany meets Belgium as Central Waters partners up with Local Option to collaborate on a Weissenbock Beer brewed with Belgian yeast strains. Add in the layering and flavors from six months in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels, and you have a real treat in a rather grim… Read more »

Feb 10th Beer Tasting

Burr Oak Tasting! This weekend Beer Tasting features Columbia’s Burr Oak! We’ll be tasting the current slate of releases including Brown Porter, Big Tree IPA, Sacred Sun Saison and more! Burr Oak Tasting 2/10/17 4-7PM                                         … Read more »

Feb 1st Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers         Bruery Bombers Are Blowing Up! We have not one, not two, even more than three…heck, we’ve got a dozen new beers from The Bruery, a California brewery specializing in the creative, the craft, the Belgian and the oak-aged. There’s something for just about everyone on our… Read more »

Jan 27th Beer Tasting

 Uinta Tasting! Come down this Friday and get the weekend off on the right foot with the current slate of Unita releases.We’ll be pouring Hop Nosh Tangerien, Rise & Pine and more Uinta Tasting 1/27/17 4-7PM                                       … Read more »

Jan 25th Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers   Black Betty is Back and More Black! “It’s like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black.” – Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap. This Whiskey Barrel-aged Imperial Stout from Nebraska Brewing Company is one of the darkest, richest and yes, blackest beers… Read more »

Jan 18th Beer Newsletter

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers   New Stone Cans! Just in! A new six-pack from Stone – the Ripper Pale Ale is inspired by the greatest surf waves and beautiful hops of the West Coast and Australia! With a blast of Cascade Hops from the Pacific Northwest and Australian Galaxy hops, this tiptoes right on… Read more »

Jan 20th Beer Tasting

 New Belgium Tasting! This week’s sampling features the current releases from New Belgium Brewing! Celebrate surviving Winter Storm Jupiter with some inspiring beer from Colorado. New Belgium Tasting 1/20/17 4-7PM                                                   … Read more »