Wood Hat Bourbon

I didn’t know what to expect when the local rep for Wood Hat Distillery walked in the door. If I’m to be honest, it wasn’t much (cynicism?), but then he uncorked a series a whiskies made in New Florence, Missouri that blew me away enough that I sent him down to Julep and called ahead, but not before we agreed to put some of their creative corn whiskies on the shelf.

After a visit to the distillery, we were offered the opportunity to pick a barrel and have it labeled for the store. The one that stood out the most was a barrel of the 100 Proof Rubenesque, a big, rich and very smooth spirit that more than lives up to its name.

The whiskey is aged in Chinkapin Oak, which gives the spirit texture, but without imparting the overt tannin structure and vanilla notes that other American oak species can impart. This project started off running, and things appear to be getting even better as some of the spirits mature.