Oct 25th Wine Newsletter

Cellar Gem From Rioja!

The one frustrating thing about tasting an amazing wine too young is that you might spend a little too much time dwelling on what might have been if you waited a few years. I had that experience when I opened the highly-touted 2009 Muga ‘Seleccion Especial’ Rioja upon arrival and found a brilliant young Rioja that demands at least five years in the cellar before you should consider drinking it.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a little. The 09 was a wonderful drink, particularly after I poured the rest into a decanter and distracted myself with roasting a beautiful Santa Maria-style Tri-Tip Roast from the Butcher Shop next door. Once the roast was cooked and the meat had time to rest, I sliced a healthy serving of mid-rare beef and enjoyed it with a blossoming glass of Rioja.

The wine has great depth and texture and seems crammed to the brim with red and black cherry fruit. The tannins are very silky, and soften with air. It’s a large wine, but has an old world smoke and earth tinge to it that makes me want to buy all of it and hide it away for five to 15 years.

Fortunately for you, I won’t (okay, can’t!) do that. But you should try to do the same with a couple of bottles (I will!). This wine is produced in very limited quantity – about 900 cases. We have a couple of them, so hurry!

Muga Rioja 2009 ‘Seleccion Especial’ – $39.99/bt